Maroon arch, monstera leaves and MARRIED!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Welcome back, Amalia! Welcome, everyone! Anyone still here?

Badrulhisyam (BH) has no mention here. HOW is that possible? I had procrastinated a post on him since my last post - February, 2000.and.EIGHT! Great! He is now my husband. I actually skipped blogging about the courting period, dating and engagement. Ok, let's skip to our wedding then.


BH left me a Facebook message - "Assalamualaikum.. hey sorry kalau this sound so creepy ke ape.. but can i get to know you?" I took quite awhile to reply because I was busy being a private investigator asking a friend about him - Siapa? Baik? Kaki perempuan? Kaki club? SIAPA?! To be honest, he was just a simple man until he said these few words after I asked why me?

Kenapa? Sebab hati yang nak. Kenapa? Sebab Allah gerakkan. Hati milik Allah. 

Masya Allah! & I continued eating my pizza pretending to be as unaffected as possible. I was already melting inside. I hope he didn't see my hidung kembang, kuncup, kembang, kuncup. That was the beginning of our journey, got engaged and married.

Many will tell you to do enough research before settling with a vendor. It's doing crappy Math in the middle of a wedding fair at Singapore Expo, comparing vendor A, B and C. It's not pretty! I skipped all the hassle of documenting everything in an Excel doc. It only took Mamat (BH's bestman) to recommend Hera & Co. We took less than an hour to listen to them pitch their services, and half a day to contemplate before signing with them.

BH and I was convinced because Hera & Co was transparent with the vendors they collaborated with. We opted the vendors we wanted to include in our package and they calculated the figure we had to fork out. To be honest, nobody would take a chance on a company they've never heard of, especially with no mentions from celebrities and influencers. We just dove into this chance because of their amazing package. If you ever contact them, find out who they are working with so you'd be able to find the vendors in Instagram to get a rough idea on their work. Not many wedding companies offer all-in-one packages with the vendors you like. Do the Math! Taking separate vendors on their own cost you more than taking an all-in-one package. Boleh botak lah kepala. Finding Hera & Co was really finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Vendors in my wedding package:

Hera & Co - Food, decor, car decor, dulang, wedding favours, all the sireh and pahar in the world.
SQEEN Bridal Couture - Wedding outfits (design, alteration, beading).
Soirée Bliss - Wedding cards and posters.
Cakevow - Wedding cake
Gentle Elephants - Bridal bouquet
The Vanilla Project - Photography
The Visual Surplus - Video

We had personal preferences for DJkompang, and photobooth so we axed these three from the package. Had Isa Bora for DJ services. Add on Mamat Bora as an emcee together with Isa. Kompang was none other than BH's kompang friends, Ukiran Rentak. We had Al Badr (you can contact Ukiran Rentak for this one) as well for marhaban in the morning after nikah. Phootyprints was our vendor for photobooth.

The best decision was to hire Hera & Co who listened to our hopes for the wedding that feels like us, and helped make them a reality. Not many vendors want to work with you if you had a different idea of decor because it'd affect their branding. Choose a vendor that will listen to what you want and advice accordingly if it will ruin the whole look. When we met in their office, Syidah was drawing our dais while Syima showed us their initial inspirational boards, and compared them with my mood board I came up with from pinterest. I hope I gt their names right. Sampai sekarang confuse mana satu Syidah, mana satu Syima. They are siblings by the way.

They came up with tons of the little details that I love - table centerpieces with monstera leaves, palm leaves, white baby's breath on wooden plates. The dais was decorated with deep red roses, red baby's breath, maroon mini daisies, branches, protea flowers, ferns, golden phoenix, monstera and celosia red feather. Even bunga pahar had monstera leaves in it. 

I had no fix concept, which was probably the nightmare of all vendors. All I said was "HUTAN!" I never wanted a white wedding and went for deep red and maroon instead. My mama would be so proud to see the decor because maroon was her favourite colour.

The entrance. Wow! I had a beautiful entrance. You can watch the entrance HERE and HERE. I couldn't find a maroon arch for reference, but I was glad Hera & Co was excited as we were to do the drapings for us. Perhaps the biggest nod to their planning abilities was that everything went off without a hitch. The florals and leaves (they were real), paired with gold furniture and accessories transformed the space to feel positively magical.

When we moved in our third outfits, the hall had such a wonderful ambiance - almost like an old, wooden house tucked inside a forest. Our guests gathered and created a pathway that we walked through under the streaming fairy lights. It was such a climactic entrance with Kau Ilhamku in the background. They managed to turn off the lights for that moment, and the only source of light came from the stage, the candles and the fairy lights. Sorry pakcik makcik who had to eat in the dark! Ok, I wasn't really sorry. I loved seeing everyone's faces lit in glittery golds. It was fun to see it all came together.

The details and decor played a huge role in transforming the space and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. But the most important thing, and what truly made the day so special, was that we were surrounded by an enormous amount of love. I'll be sharing my five favorite moments soon (if I can stick to five).


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