A Reluctant Influencer

Saturday, February 24, 2018

You see, I got into trouble recently because of what I said about influencers out there breaking the ad market until a dear friend tweeted back to me, pointing out that I am an influencer myself. No, wait! I am not... I am not, right? Am I? That reflex reminded me of writing to a certain personality. She corrected me that she's not a social media influencer and I was like "No... you get like thousands of shares! You are an influencer."

Before I go on any further, here are my views.

I see influencers as a threat to my rice bowl because I do videos for a living. I believe success comes from hard work and not through popularity (Sister, seriously. Astaghfirullah! Don't hate me, please). Some of my friends were retrenched because their production companies did not make any money. It happened to me years ago too at my old company. We are instantly introduced to new products through social media influencers. Why should anyone pay for a video? Words spread faster with IGstories and Facebook posts. With present workshops aim to aid businesses, how am I going to survive? What am I supposed to do with my career now?

Before you start to kecam me, let me go through my thought process with you.

I discovered a post written by Ustaz Mizi. Allah sends reminders in the most subtle and timeliest of ways to guard my heart. Ustaz put it into different mazhabs.

Well, there you go.

"Some things stood out amidst the differences. 
Respect. Tolerance. Mercy. Objectiveness. And humility." 

So, I'll take the next step to understand that influencers too need income to survive. The most significant thing that I totally missed was believing in Allah and I should also believe with certainty that my rizq is from Allah alone.

The next step is to also understand that conventional videos, TV, papers no longer work. Or they don't possess much of a ripple effect. If you can't beat them, join them. I can no longer just be behind the camera. I have to produce, write, direct, host, edit and maintain my social media platforms all at the same time. God! Like what my colleague said, "We have entered the black mirror generation."

Accept that things are ever-changing and make the best out of it. Now nobody can say we care too much on garnering likes and followers. Of course we do. Especially when they contribute to our rice bowl.

Share only good things that will benefit others and unite the community. Oh, and let me know your thoughts too. Argue wisely yar. No personal attacks allowed. :)

With that, I am an influencer. And all I thought of myself was me as the basi child talent who was once on TV. Hahaha!


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