I Am Jealous Of You!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I don't know about you but with the existence of social media, I tend to compare myself with others. "Why am I not pretty as her? Why can't I have enough money to go for a holiday? Why can't I be as successful as her?" The latest bitter question was "Why can't I go for the latest BSB concert?" I was so annoyed that my feed was filled with IG stories and live videos that these questions came to my mind, "Why are you letting others watch them for free when you paid for the tickets? What are you trying to prove, your happiness?"

How do I even stop myself from being jealous? I thought I was not being a good person by getting jealous. Entitled or not, I pressured myself to get rid of that negativity. Since I couldn't remove jealousy out of my system, I could possibly embrace this flaw. First, it's necessary to accept that I'm human and I feel things. It is completely natural to feel a small twinge of jealousy. How you react to the emotion of jealousy is what determines whether the jealousy is healthy. Rather than ignoring jealousy, assess your emotions and decide on your next action.

This reminds me of the story of Umm Salamah when the other wives asked her to speak to the Messenger of Allah as they were jealous of A'ishah. People sent gifts to the Prophet while he was in the room of A'ishah. They said, "We want what A'ishah wants." You see, if the Prophet's wives who are guaranteed of paradise are capable of getting jealous, then a normal person like me is capable of feeling the same. I read this in a book we used in my previous class. If you wish to know more about the book, do drop me a message on Instagram and I'll be glad to share it with you.

I chose to think of it this way. My jealousy encourages me to do things better. Plus, I should not fail to see the blessings I already have. What if someone out there is jealous of me? With social media, I am sure I affect another person with my postings of my purchase, my rewards and my blessings. Then shouldn't I be doing something about that too? Doesn't mean I can afford, gives me the right to show it because someone out there may not be able to afford the things I have.

There should only be two people we should be jealous of:

One is the person who spends all the wealth Allah gave him on the path of righteousness, and the other is the person who judges with the knowledge Allah gave him and teaches it to others.

Based on the two examples, we should value the right things. We should admire those who strive in the cause of Allah because they are the ones who can inspire ourselves to be better. The two examples definitely do not include getting jealous of people with wealth and ... Backstreet Boys. So, spend our energy for only meaningful thoughts for self-improvement.

I'll write to you next time.


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