How's work?

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

How's work so far? Hang in there. It's Wednesday. ONLY Wednesday. This entry goes out to those who are struggling at work, those who are demoralised, those who want to kill people at work, but you need to feed yourself and the people at home.

Here's a little something for you.

From my boss.

Once in awhile, we'd receive 'syarahan' like this, and we'd attempt to figure out who he's talking about. Tak husnuzon langsung! You see, I always believe that you need to have a good relationship with the people you're working with. Be kind, and try to get to know your colleagues. At the end of the day, everyone else is working to put food on the plate. Do you have the same intention?

Except, check back your niyyah. Have the intention to work to find rizq for Allah, and then this will be an act of worship. You have to make an effort to find your rizq, and you will be rewarded. & once rizq comes to you, know that the money you get is a responsibility given to you. Allah provides this rizq. Thank Him, don't forget Him. Pause what you're doing and do not miss your prayers. Plan your time wisely so you can spend about 15 minutes each prayer time for Him.

When I first entered ScreenBox (alamak dah cakap lah), I had a concern. I knew how tough it was to pause and pray. You're looking at the shots, you overtime kena bayar crew, bayar location, bayar extras for overtime, balik office your boss tanya "Why overbudget?"... how to solat? Remember that I made a dua to be a better person? I wasn't sure how I got the bravery to mention solat to my boss. I even told him that it'd take longer for a woman to perform wudu. As a woman, I'd have to remove make-up, remove tudung, wudu, put on tudung, solat, put on make-up, that would just take a fraction of my working hours.

Are you okay with that?

"Schedule your time. Try to schedule shoot locations near to the mosque."

Hmmm... What is he talking about?

"When you have to solat, do so. Perhaps, ask the crew to come along with you. Be that person to remind everyone."

You know how that made me feel?

So, whenever I got angry or stressed up with work, solat would be the solution. It's not only a routine, but solat should make a person happy. When you're faced with trials and tribulations, you're given a gift to complain to Allah in the form of solat. That to me is a solution.

When you're tired or when you're annoyed with your colleague, pause and solat. After that solat, you'll be able to make better decisions. Make dua for Allah to ease your affairs. Make dua that Allah will give you the ability and opportunity to worship Him, even when you're busy at work. Ask Him to help you achieve every milestone.

Oh dear, this post dah macam syarahan. But it's true, guys. Nothing else can make you feel better.


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