Effective Tidying

Friday, September 08, 2017

"Rearranging furniture in a compulsive manner is not uncommon among people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. It becomes consistent with OCD when hours are spent obsessing over small details and symmetry and when rearranging furniture becomes such a frequent and ritualistic behavior that it takes over a person’s life. These are the signs to watch for."
- Written by: Dr. Kristie Leong, Edited by: Diana Cooper

See! I am perfectly fine. It's not uncommon. Rearranging the furniture elevates mood. Plus, designing provides concrete satisfaction. Looking at how my clothes and headscarves are perfectly colour-coordinated in my wardrobe gives me a sense of comfort. Placing flowers on top of curated books in yellow, blue and pink makes me feel powerful because at least, I know I can be creative with things I already own. What do you call it? Aesthetic? Hahaha! The only thing I am not brave enough is to maintain a live plant in my room. Dust is already something I am battling with every single day. I don't need soil for now.


Throw away what you don't need. Break away from old attachments and start anew. You have to move on! You cannot be that person who keeps every single gifts from all ex-boyfriends and dates. Who does that? Inserts Instagram sticker 'y tho'. Declutter everything you don't need. I threw away an old watch, old accessories, a jacket from the past because there should not be any attachment to things when I want to make new memories. I gave away my boxes of Hello Kitty because I realized that I am 27, and I need my room to reflect that. Be brutal and discard. If you don't have the time, take it slow. Attack one section per day or per week, depending on your schedule. Melayu cakap, jangan jadi pengotor.


Once you throw the things you don't wear for let's say...6 months, then start organizing. I am a big fan of rearranging the things in my drawers as well. Tech stuff goes here, documents go there and bags in the basket. Plan where you want to withdraw your belongings from. I am guilty of changing my mind every month. Nasib baik katil tu tak gantung je dekat atas. I put heavy items right at the bottom of the shelf / cupboard. Since I have the habit of changing things so much, I shall not touch the bulky items. That's the only thing that has been constant. Bravo!


I have a memory like a goldfish. I schedule every single thing in my calendar with reminder alert 2 days in advance. I start my morning by listing the things I have to do that day because I love scheduling things, and I'll deny it if you call me a control freak. Haha! The editors at work can vouch for that because I sync my iCal to everyone in the office. Annoying, but it's a need. I'll let them know their tasks and deadlines for the day. Organize your day to avoid unnecessary problems, okay? Better to go through the day organized and prepared.

Oh, I recently discovered UNUM to plan my Instagram feed. I schedule pictures and shift them around to see how my feed will look like. It's for my own eyes, you see. Everything needs to look pleasant. I am not good at this yet. I'll probably need to look into content for each grid. Any tips?

By the way, keep the IG messages coming. I love reading suggestions from everyone of you. Let me know what else you want me to write about. No ghost stories, please.


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